Netflix's 'XOXO' Is a Coming of Age Movie for the EDM Generation

Teenage dreams at EDC. 

Getty Images / Kevin Winter

Netflix is jumping into the teenage dreams of the Skrillex generation this summer with the dance-music success story XOXO.

The film, starring Modern Family’s oldest daughter, Sarah Hyland, Party Down alum Ryan Hansen, and comedian Chris D’Elia, certainly has the crazy outfits and sun-drenched partying of the electronic dance movement down. We’ve got glowsticks, neon lipstick, clothing that appears to be made out of either latex, duct tape, or both. The plot centers around an aspiring DJ who gets invited to perform at “XOXO,” a massive EDM festival in a desert. There are plenty of shots of outfit changes, wide-eyed music dudes talking about the “importance of the music,” and people walking purposefully backstage because they know their show is going to change the mother-fucking world.

It’s billed as a comedy, for the most part, which might mean it has a bit more levity than Zac Efron’s dead on arrival We Are Your Friends film, which followed similar lines. Sure, it’s probably not going to be in Oscar contention, but if you’re looking for some bass-thumping summer fun with shiny highlights, XOXO could be a welcome escape from the doom-and-gloom drenched atmosphere of other summer blockbusters. Check out the trailer below:

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