'Deus Ex Go' > 'Mankind Divided'

Everyone gets excited for the next blockbuster release, but mobile gaming can be truly great.

One of the fall’s most awaited games is Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, but it isn’t the only game set to star augmented hero Adam Jensen this year. On the mobile front, Square Enix is using the star to anchor the third in its “Go” series, a beautifully crafted turn-based puzzler thats not to be missed.

A Love Note to ‘Go’

Rare is the game that can grab you completely while also allowing you the luxury of picking it up and putting it down at your leisure. Where most mobile games find themselves constrained by time, Square Enix’s Go series is only constrained by efficiency. How many moves ahead can you think? How many possible permutations can you keep in your head? There’s no other mobile puzzler that offers quite the same experience.

Whether stalking targets in Hitman Go or hunting treasure in Tomb Raider Go, the onus is on the player to plan the best way to their ultimate goal. Though the basic structure is the same for each entry in the series so far, Square Enix has gone the extra mile in each outing to translate the iconic gameplay of each series it’s tackled.

For example, Hitman Go allows players the opportunity to slink through a series of environments in search of the perfect hit. Players could pick up agency drops, silently incapacitate guards, and get the job done without ever being seen.

In August of 2015, the company released Tomb Raider Go, which took the mechanics established in Hitman Go and flipped them, literally, on their side. The result was a solid puzzle game that looked exactly like a mobile Tomb Raider experience should.

Jensen Gets the ‘Go’ Treatment

Back in June, Square Enix Montreal announced the third entry in the Go series would focus on upcoming Deus Ex: Mankind Divided hero Adam Jensen and release in the late summer. While no set date has been announced, the current expectation is that the mobile title will release sometime in the same window as it’s triple-A counterpart.

This time around, Square Enix has incorporated Deus Ex staples like augmentations, hacking, and stealth right into the gameplay. What’s more, they’ve also revamped the previous games’ combat to more closely echo the brutal hand-to-hand typically featured in Deus Ex games.

Something to Tide You Over

When Deus Ex: Mankind Divided launches, it’ll undoubtedly eat up some of your gaming time assuming you’re the kind of gamer who gravitates towards superb production values, open-ended mission structure, and engrossing storylines. When you’re forced to actually put down the controller and head out into the real world, you can fill in the gaps with a few moments of Deus Ex Go, a title that’s sure to scratch the same thinking persons itch as it’s big boy partner, only without the need to lug your console around.

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