Design Your Own Tombstone Using The New 'Oregon Trail' TCG

More material fodder for your insatiable generational nostalgia!

If you grew up in the ‘80s or ‘90s, you are part of the only generation with fond childhood memories of snake bites and drowning in river crossings, thanks to the ubiquitous computer lab sensation, Oregon Trail. It taught us indelible lessons about the real, historical hardships of American pioneers, and also the value of having healthy oxen and a sturdy wagon cover.

Now that great pioneer (heheh) of historical video games is available as a tabletop card game from Pressman Games. It was released without fanfare and discovered for the internet world by a Reddit user dwboso.

Based on the pictures shared on Reddit, the game is fully aware of everyone’s most enduring memory of Oregon Trail, and playing the nostalgia card with its graphic design.

Haven't we all?


It might seem like a step back to go from rudimentary computer game to plebeian card game, but it’s actually a pretty smart move. The original Oregon Trail was fun, but just updating the graphics wouldn’t make it actually compete with the many far-cooler games that now exist. It wouldn’t make for very fun augmented reality à la Pokémon Go.

But a card game is perfectly old school. This new version is multiplayer, which the original never was. Finally, you can fulfill your 10-year-old self’s ambitions to start a wagon train with your best friends. It makes it perfect for its intended “hell yeah, I remember that” purposes. Gather around with 2-6 of your friends, because memory lane apparently leads west.

It’s also important to note that it looks like you can still design your own tombstone!

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