New 'No Man’s Sky' Trailer Finally Gives the Game Some Edge

More than just a pretty sandbox.

The last of four planned teaser trailers for the upcoming No Man’s Sky just dropped, and this time, it’s all about survival. The fact that players will be tasked with staying alive isn’t shocking, but the trailer gives us our first look at the broad variety of obstacles and elements that players will have to face. It looks like No Man’s Sky will be as much about surviving the elements as it is about exploring.

Even now, just under two weeks from release, what we actually know about the game is pretty limited. The “Survive” trailer doesn’t exactly resolve that problem, but it does show off the myriad ways in which the in-game universe is out to get you. While previous trailers have shown some limited combat and danger, this is the first look we’ve gotten that makes the near-infinite procedurally-generated look like something more dangerous than a futuristic collection of gorgeous landscapes.

Most of the trailer focuses on how the cold can get you, how the toxic environments can get you, how basically just existing is detrimental to the player in some locales, and a small amount shows off zapping critters and robotic enemies as they get too close for comfort.

As expected, the player can upgrade their equipment in order to better resist all the ordeals set before them. That philosophy ties into everything else we know about the game, but hopefully it doesn’t mean players are more likely to die right out the gate than not. (Or rather, hopefully the game is weighted in such a way so that starter planets aren’t out to murder them immediately).

But then again, some people do like a challenge.