8 Ways 'Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom' Could Be Great

The game is coming to North America this month. Here's what fans hope to see.

Koei Tecmo

Today marks the day we escape the bird cage and finally slice-and-dice our own titans in Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom. Koei Tecmo released the video game based on the hit series in Japan last February, but now it’s hitting shelves in North America.

There are a lot of things to be worried or excited about when we see a new adaption of a beloved series, so this is our list of what we’re hoping for.

Maneuverable omni-directional gear

For anyone who’s played the online Attack on Titan fan-game, there are few frustrations greater than that of attempting to move around using the omni-tool. Whenever a game brings a character into the sky for longer than usual, maneuverability sometimes gets difficult. With the addition of the omni-directional gear, gameplay has the potential to become frustrating, but since this function is one of the main battle systems, it might be just fine.

Angry Eren


You can’t have Attack on Titan without having Eren scream and flail his arms around because of the titans. Without that highly shaded and wrinkled vengeful expression, the game just won’t feel the same.

Original script

Since this game will be covering what everyone’s already seen, we want the dialogue and scenes to vary just a little bit. I don’t want to feel like I should just be watching the anime or wanting to just skip over the cut-scenes because I’ve seen all of this before. Extra scenes, or the same ones from different perspectives, would give the game’s story fresh life.

Titan Eren

Its looking like Eren still turns himself into a straggly-haired titan in the trailer, so it would be freakin’ awesome to jump around and melee with other titans in that form. Hopefully that’ll be a fun addition to the game.

Cooling it with the deaths

As wonderful as it is watching people get eaten by eerily grinning giants, it would be nice if there weren’t as many emotionally destructive deaths, especially when we’re playing those characters that will inevitably die. I’m not sure how the character changes will go throughout the game, but stripping us of the ability to play as someone because they die would just be irritating.

Battle modes outside of the story

Even though it’s fun to go through the story, it’s always nice to have other options when playing a video game. Whether a triple-digit floored dungeon, or signing on for online co-op, we like to have a break from the scripted campaign. While it’s very doubtful this game will have something even resembling multiplayer, online or otherwise, it’ll be a great addition to have battle modes or timed titan bashing.

Standalone title

The trouble with adaptions in video games is sometimes the game relies too heavily on the source material, even foregoing story and explanation in favor of just being able to run around with familiar characters. We’re crossing our fingers this one will have an even cross between story and gameplay.

Different abilities for different characters

The game wouldn’t have so many characters available for play if they weren’t slightly different, so we’re not too worried. Having a different skill set for each character would be a splendid addition. It gives the player more options and longer playability.

That bombing theme song

There are few openers that will get you as motivated to kick titan ass than “Feuerotter Pfeil und Bogen.” If there is a soundtrack as epic as this, I’ll be set and ready to go. Strap me up with an omni-tool and let’s do this!

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