Watch the 'Wonder Woman' Trailer: Diana Slashes Through It

Steve Trevor's about to have his mind blown.

At long last, Diana has finally arrived on the big screen. The Wonder Woman trailer debuted to thunderous applause in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con yesterday, ushering the company’s premier female superhero to DC’s starting line.

At first glance, Wonder Woman has it all. The trailer has levity in the places other DC films have lacked it — Diana’s first lover Steve Trevor says, “…that’s neat…” when he learns she was magically created by Zeus in lieu of an actual father — and the quick shots of Diana fighting in interior and exterior shots portray her fighting style as both feminine and comically powerful. Even Robin Wright’s Amazons look like incredible foes, and the now-traditional post-title fade-to-black-before-huge-reveal moment is saved for Etta Candy, Steve Trevor’s assistant. That particular nod toward longtime Wonder Woman fans feels well-intentioned and exciting, given that Etta Candy will serve as a foil to Diana, and as some much needed comedic relief.

The Wonder Woman trailer debuted with footage from Justice League, which we analyzed back when the plot information was released from the set. All in all, the footage from DC’s events at Comic-Con looks promising, and fans are understandably hyped.

Wonder Woman is set for a Summer 2017 release. Watch DC’s thrilling trailer below.

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