John Oliver Joins Clinton and Trump with Endorsements

Get ready for "Uncle Sam's rock-bottom yankee doodle suicide pact"

Last Week Tonight/YouTube

John Oliver is back, and this time, he’s making some endorsements. As Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump rake in their own backings from celebrities and public figures, Oliver has used a special web exclusive episode of Last Week Tonight.

It’s just four months until the U.S. presidential election. “Or, as it’s better known, Uncle Sam’s rock-bottom yankee doodle suicide pact,” said Oliver.

Clinton has been receiving endorsements from the likes of Oprah Winfrey. Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s endorsements include Kid Rock and Steven Baldwin. Oliver, due to his British citizenship, is out of luck on this front. “The only people I can endorse are prime ministers, viceroys and magical railway conductors,” he said.

So, in the spirit of election season, Oliver has made some of his own endorsements. Top of the list is animals wearing people clothes, like dogs wearing suit ties. “Unlike people wearing animal clothes, which is generally a specific sex thing,” he said. Another endorsement went to interspecies friendship, like that between a dog and a goat.

Oliver’s last endorsement went to Pushing Tin, an airplane drama starring John Cusack and Billy Bob Thornton. “If you are looking for a snooze on a Sunday afternoon, Pushing Tin will knock you the fuck out,” said Oliver.

Last Week Tonight returns to HBO on July 24.