How to Set a Ridiculously Long iPhone Passcode Like This Guy

One guy's passcode has gone viral on Reddit.

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One guy’s lightning-fast phone passcode skills have gone viral on Reddit. A video posted to the GIF subreddit on Thursday showed a train passenger tapping in an incomprehensibly long string of passcode characters to access their iPhone.

“I feel like this guy is just hoping someone steals his phone,” said Reddit user keyboardname. “A good way to prevent drunk dialing,” said MelaninlyChallenged. “That guy could probably kick my ass in Mortal Kombat,” said monzzter221.

Wanna be like this guy? There’s an easy way to do the same thing on your phone, but it’s probably worth remembering that anything you do set you’ll need to put in every time you want to unlock your phone. On the iPhone 5s and later, you can use the Touch ID scanner to bypass the code screen, but there will be times where that won’t be available, like when restarting the phone.

First, make sure your phone is running iOS 9 or later. Then visit the “Settings” app on the home screen. From there, scroll down to “Touch ID & Passcode.” On the next screen, touch “Change Passcode.”

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On the screen that comes up, touch “Passcode Options,” then “Custom Numeric Code.” You can make your passcode up to extreme lengths: the guy in the video had somewhere around 60 digits, but in Inverse testing we were able to reach over 300.

Mike Brown/Inverse

You’ll be asked to verify your new passcode by typing it in a second time, so make it something you can remember!

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