Jason Bourne Has Daddy Issues and Tears Through Vegas in New Clips

Will 'Jason Bourne' be the sequel to save the summer blockbuster season?


There are precious few summer movies left that could save the lackluster season this year, which has been marred by straight-up terrible sequels (Independence Day: Resurgence), overly expensive adaptations (The BFG), and aggressively mediocre video game movies (Warcraft). The upcoming release of Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters reboot might do the trick, but audience members wanting a little more action in their blockbusters definitely have the latest installment of Matt Damon’s Bourne franchise marked on their calendars. To get people pumped for more gritty spy exploits, a few clips from Jason Bourne have popped up online.

The three new clips, posted by Flicks and the City, give us a little taste of what’s in store for Damon’s amnesiac assassin after being away from the franchise since 2007’s The Bourne Ultimatum.

The first rather sedate but topical clip, called “Heather Calls Bourne,” unveils what’s likely to be the reason Bourne finally comes out of hiding. It was heavily hinted at in a previous trailer that some shady business about Bourne’s father and mass surveillance made him pissed off enough at the Operation Treadstone goons to get back on the grid. It’s all but confirmed in this scene with Bourne newcomers Alicia Vikander and Tommy Lee Jones playing government agents egging Damon’s graying former operative on about retracing his dad’s history, “the threats America was facing,” and how “he chose to serve his country out of a profound sense of duty.”

The other, which shows Bourne tearing through the Vegas strip and chasing Vincent Cassel in a SWAT truck, ramps up the high-octane action that has defined the series so far. It looks to be the movie’s huge main set piece, and considering the bespoke-suited Cassel is also running from the cops, chances are he’s not working within the parameters of a normal desk job.

Lastly, “Bourne Steals Motorcycle” is just that, but so much more. Set in the midst of a riot in Greece, the clip shows Bourne trying to save series vet Julia Stiles’s Nicky Parsons character. A previous TV spot hinted that Parsons would be taken out after meeting up with Bourne again and feeding him classified information about his father.

Besides Damon and Stiles, original director Paul Greengrass is back in the mix, so all the right ingredients are there. Hopefully Jason Bourne ends up being a satisfying summer sequel. We need this one.

Jason Bourne opens July 29.

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