Did Bryan Cranston Reveal the Green Ranger in 'Power Rangers'?

The 'Breaking Bad' actor tells Larry King he'd always been interested in superhero movies.

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After winning a few Emmy and Tony Awards, Bryan Cranston is stepping up to a whole new level: sci-fi superhero movies. Set to play the wise space wizard Zordon in Lionsgate’s Power Rangers directed by Dean Israelite, the Breaking Bad star sat with Larry King for an appearance on Larry King Now where he said the movie “won’t be like the TV Show.” He may have also let slip the appearance of the infamous evil Green Ranger.

Cranston, who voiced two of the rubber monsters in the 1993 show that aired on Fox Kids, discussed what a “Zordon” is — a “disembodied” alien in the “ether world” — and why he joined the project.

“I’ve never done a sci-fi superhero kind of show,” he told Larry King, admitting he was actively curious about the genre. And it wasn’t until he read the script that he was convinced. (In another interview with Nuke the Fridge, Cranston praised that script for being “so good”).

In the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers series, Zordon (voiced by actor David Fielding) was the mentor to the Power Rangers, five teenagers who become superheroes when empress Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks in the movie) comes to conquer Earth. Zordon is depicted as a disembodied head in a tube — “trapped in a time warp,” as described in the first episode. In his Larry King Now appearance, Cranston says he’ll be providing his voice to a CGI avatar.

While it’s probably an honest mistake, given the actor’s unfamiliarity with the material, Cranston may have accidentally revealed the presence of the Green Ranger. In running down the premise of the show’s titular superheroes, who are identified by specific colors, Cranston listed them: “There’s Red, and Blue, and Black, and Yellow, and Green. We keep it in primary colors, Larry.”

Bryan Cranston on 'Larry King Now' talking about the upcoming 'Power Rangers' movie.

It’s likely an error, but it’s a curious one – if the popular sixth Power Ranger, the Green Ranger (originally played by Jason David Frank), already has a part in the new movie. When Banks’s Rita Repulsa costume was unveiled several months back, she responded to a Twitter inquiry that asked why her costume was green: “Ah, now you’ve hit something. Why indeed?”

Power Rangers will be released on March 24, 2017.

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