'Kill Strain' Trailer Offers a Gleeful Ballet of Multiplayer Violence

It's mercs versus mercs versus mutants in a new trailer for the free-to-play multiplayer game.

After a lengthy development cycle, San Diego Studios’s Kill Strain is coming to PlayStation 4 on July 19 and a gameplay trailer released today emphasizes what’s in the final version: the distinctive three-team multiplayer battle (five vs. five vs. two) set in a Warhammer-like world.

The trailer shows off that multiplayer with aplomb: Two teams of five battle each other in a traditional top-down shooter in something that resembles Dota 2 or League of Legends with a pinch of Hotline Miami if you squint a little. But then come the mutants, two oversized avatars that wreck havoc as the third two-player team. While outnumbered, the two-person teams are have better self-healing, faster movement, and the ability to convert one of the opposing mercs to their side.

The game also features some sly humor. It’s not gut-busting, but there’s attempts at building personality in a game whose most recognizable characteristic is brutal violence. Levity is always welcome when you’re making mincemeat out of friends and complete strangers online.

It’s worth nothing that Kill Strain will be entirely free-to-play, and San Diego Studios promises the paid content will not give an advantage over those who don’t spend any money.

Kill Strain arrives on PlayStation 4 on July 19.

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