9 Mods We Want To See When 'Skyrim: Remastered' Launches

‘Skyrim: Special Edition’ needs to deliver some good DLC on day one. Here are some good ones.

When Bethesda announced the Skyrim: Special Edition for consoles on June 12, it shouldn’t have come as much of a surprise to console gamers, but every time Bethesda announces any kind of release of one of its two flagship series — The Elder Scrolls or Fallout — it feels a little like Christmas. Okay, sure, from an outsider’s perspective, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is a five-year-old title that shouldn’t elicit tons of excitement among gamers at this point. But what do outsiders know anyway? This is an Elder Scrolls release, so just shut up and let Bethesda take my money.

With the confirmation that Skyrim: Special Edition can go toe-to-toe with a kitted out PC version of the game, fans of the series can spend their time between now and the October 28 release date focusing on the coolest new edition to the game: the ability to use mods.

Of course, PC gamers have been able to use mods on the title for the last five years, but that’s only good news for those players who have been restricted to console play, because there are five years of mods from which to choose. Sure, not all of the best Skyrim mods will be available to console players (we can dream), but Bethesda would be very wise to make a few samples from the existing pool of options available on day one. Here are some we’d like to see.

Unique Unique Weapons

Technically, the mod is called Unique Weapons Redone, but the sentiment is the same. Essentially, this mod just insures that never again will you spend the better part of an hour tromping through a dungeon only to discover that your ultimate reward is a Nordic Greatsword with some neat math attached to it.

The Dryad

In Greek mythology, dryads were wood nymphs. Patrons of the wood and agile warriors and tricksters, these guys were sewn into the very forest they were sworn to protect. And somebody put them into Skyrim.

Skyrim may already have nine playable races, sure, but they could always use a few more. Especially in the wooded climes of Skyrim, a dryad would really fit right in.

Dovahkiin Hideout

The Dovahkiin Hideout mod adds a massive basement to every player home in the game. Even cooler, you can use the Hideout to reach every other house you own. It’s a magical addition that let’s you actually store all your shit in one convenient, expansive place.

Moonpath to Elsweyr

It’s a content mod! Some enterprising (and detail-oriented) modders have gone to the trouble of creating entire new worlds that link to Skyrim. Moonpath to Elsweyr delivers jungles and desert climates as well as new missions and new enemies to the Skyrim experience.

Helgen Reborn

Rare are the mods who really offer players a little dose of everything, but Helgen Reborn is one of those. It’s an entire content pack including new armor, new missions, new dungeons, and the ability to rebuild the town that’s singed in dragon fire in the opening moments of the game.

Even if you’re just going for a unique home inside the world of Tamriel’s northernmost state, Helgen Reborn is worth your time and effort.


There are mods for skyrim that happily display both male and female anatomy, so that when you take off your armor for a brief period of time, it’s possible to actually see some real skin, if that’s your sort of thing.


Another new content mod from an amateur developer with too much time on his hands, Falskaar is freaking massive. Promising 26 new quests and more than 30 hours of gameplay on an entirely new piece of territory, Falskaar would be like getting a brand new DLC pack folded into the re-release of the game.

Immersive Creatures

As immersive and in-depth as Skyrim is, there are definitely a finite number of enemies to hack apart with your weapon (or magic) of choice. The immersive creatures mod allows you to slake your bloodlust by hacking apart dozens of new enemies. If skeletons and bandits and hags and Daedra and vampires and dragon priests and Falmer and all those other guys weren’t enough enemy for you — and they’re not — immersive creatures will get the job done.

You know you want to kill one of whatever this is.

Fallout-Style Building

Okay, heres one that doesn’t actually exist, but it would be fun to see nonetheless. In Fallout 4 players were gifted the ability to build an entirely new settlement piecemeal. It would be incredible to translate that same level of home-building customization to the Nordic world of Skyrim.

One of the original DLC’s, Homestead, let players carve out their piece of Skyrim’s landscape, so it’s not completely out of the question to see these same pieces of land re-purposed for Fallout(ish) building. Only with less trash.
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