Need More ‘Uncharted’? Drop Everything And Play This Two-Minute Text Adventure

I’m an old man, Nate!

By now, many of you have finished Uncharted 4, and if you enjoyed it, you’re probably going through withdrawals for something similar. You’re in luck, because someone decided to make a ripping new Uncharted yarn, as a text adventure.

Dubbed Uncharted 4.5 by its creator, Terrence Jarrad, this short tale of adventure and danger features Nate and Sully on a new caper that’s roughly adapted from a pretty funny what-if script for Uncharted 4 itself. If you know these characters well it’s even better because you’ll be able to hear the voice actors acting out the ridiculous dialogue in your head.

At the moment, playing the text adventure (which you can check out here) takes about two minutes and pretty faithfully covers the first part of the story. If you don’t want to know what the thrilling conclusion is, don’t read past the point in the actual script where Jarrad’s game cuts off. With some variations from the original text, I would play this forever.

So far you can control Nate doing incredible feats like climbing a rope and opening his front door. If you’ve never played a text adventure, the game’s interface luckily works by selecting objects, though if you’re familiar with the archaic design of typing in the commands manually you can do that as well. Doesn’t matter how you do it, just play this.

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