Guy Caught by Tokyo Police for Climbing Rainbow Bridge, Shares Photos

The pictures make the jail time worth it. 

Andrej Ciesielski

Andrej Ciesielski will climb anything, and he usually gets away with it. He’s already added the third-tallest building in Shanghai and one of the great pyramids of Giza to his list, while evading security guards and local authorities. But during a visit to Tokyo, Ciesielski’s luck ran out.

In Japan to see (and climb) the sights, he eventually made his way to the Rainbow Bridge, a 2,618-foot long suspension bridge finished in 1993, the towers of which rise 413 feet above the water. In a city filled with visual stunners, it’s one of the most recognizable landmarks for its towers, which are often illuminated with spectral colors overnight.

Tokyo's Rainbow Bridget

By Gussisaurio (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

Naturally, Ciesielski wanted to climb the thing. He tells Inverse he made the decision on what he thought would be his final day in the city.

The Rainbow Bridge is far from the tallest thing he’s climbed, and he reached the top, no problem. But when he and a companion climbed down, the police were waiting. “I left Japan with good and bad memories,” Ciesielski tells Inverse. “We both got caught by the police and we were arrested for 10 days in Japanese jail.”

During his incarceration, Ciesielski said he had no contact with anyone in his family. Even after his release, he had to wait for a month before he could leave the country — but importantly, he made it out with the footage – or at least some of it.

On Instagram, Ciesielski told his story again, and thanked one of his friends, who found out he was arrested and notified his family.

He says he got off easy, but he also warned others not to attempt the feat. “Please don’t try to repeat this action because in a bad case you can face 6 months [in] prison,” he wrote on Instagram.

Check out the illegal climb below.

Here are a few more photos he sent us:

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