30 People Got Injured When One of the YouTube's Dolan Twins Took His Shirt Off

Ethan and Grayson Dolan inspire Beatles-level panic at an amusement park in New Jersey.

Getty Images / Mike Windle

Ethan and Grayson Dolan are a pair of 16-year-old twin brothers who make YouTube videos. On Saturday night, the Dolan Twins appeared at Freehold, New Jersey’s iPlay America, an indoor theme-park (although we’re unsure what the “theme” is) for a show, billed as part of their 4OU Tour. The two brothers specialize in pranks, and video blogging, so we’re also unsure as to what their “show” or “concert” would consist of, but the horde of devoted fans at their $35 show was so hyped up on the teen heart-throbs performance that they rushed the stage, causing a “massive crush of bodies” that injured 28 people and sent seven teens to the hospital.

Twitter users described the scene as “chaos,” where “everyone was getting hurt and crying,” which may sound like par for the course for an event in New Jersey, but was nevertheless extremely traumatic for the YouTube duo’s fans. Fan hysterics aren’t a new phenomenon — the Beatles were causing meltdowns as far back as the 1960s, but as far as we know this is one of the first times the new generation of online superstars have caused physical injuries by sending teenage fans off the deep end. The local Asbury Park Press reported that Freehold Township police Officer Daniel Rehberg said the concert attendees, who were mostly girls between 11 and 15 years old, suffered “some ankle injuries and bloody noses” as well as a few cases of hyperventilation. Sounds like Beatlemania, all right.

Here’s some video of the “concert.”

iPlay issued the following statement after the teen frenzy.

“This evening during the Dolan Twins concert at iPlay America, some guests crowded toward the stage which caused some of those who were closest to the stage to panic. Some complained of losing their breath. We alleviated the crowding asap, asking all guests to sit on the floor for the remainder of the concert. As a precaution, ambulances were called to the scene. There were no serious injuries.”

Apparently, the conflict was over “VIP” tickets — attendees were under the impression that if they paid more they could get in the front row to be closer to the Teen ‘Tube Titans themselves.

But that wasn’t how things went down, because chaos reigns, and all must serve the gods of entropy and madness.

Apparently, a lot of the panic started when one of the 16-year-old brothers took off his shirt, which, again, probably not something you want to do in a New Jersey mall, but also probably not the first time that has happened. Eventually, order was restored, and the Dolanfans took a seat on the floor. There were no serious injuries, despite the shirtlessness, chaos, and hyperventilation. If you plan on attending any future performances on the 4OU tour, stay safe out there.