DC Film-Chief Geoff Johns Confirms Justice League Movie Will Just Be Called, 'Justice League'

Avoiding the word salad that was 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.'

DC Films, Warner Bros.

From the moment DC announced that Batman v Superman would be subtitled, Dawn of Justice, fans knew that this was a heavy-handed attempt at setting up the upcoming Justice League movie. As if the choice to use “v” instead of “versus” wasn’t silly enough, adding Dawn of Justice just made the title way more ridiculous than it needed to be – for a film that had both Batman and Superman in the title.

It’s not just that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is an inelegant mouthful. It’s that the title was justified with the flimsiest of logic. Snyder went on record to say that the reason why the film was titled “v” instead of “versus” was because he didn’t want audiences to assume it was a straight versus film. Somehow, shortening the word to its first letter was supposed to imply layers of subtlety within the actual film. In case audiences weren’t clear that the film was going to set up the rest of the DC Cinematic Universe, Dawn of Justice was included in the title. Justice, Justice League? perfect.

That’s why it was so important when over the weekend, new DC film co-head Geoff Johns announced the title for the upcoming Justice League movie.

Clearing the room of any possible additional titles, Johns announced on Friday that the team-up movie of all the DC heroes will simply be called, Justice League. This news was met with a collective sigh of relief from fans across the internet.

The fact that 2017’s Justice League movie will be called just that means that DC Films and Johns are at least paying attention to the negative response to their previous film. If a convoluted Batman v Superman title eventually led to an equally convoluted film, there’s no reason not to assume that a simple Justice League title could lead to a more straightforward and clearer film. If that seems like a jump in logic, just remember that “v” is supposed to connote intrigue and ambiguity, and not just “versus”.

Justice League is set to release November 17, 2017. It will be directed by Zack Snyder based on a screenplay by Chris Terrio.

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