The Sunscreenr Promises to Show Exactly Where You Need to Apply More SPF 50

How well did you rub in your sunscreen? Sunscreenr wants to tell you.


Sunscreenr aims to solve a problem you never knew bothered you until it was brought to your attention: knowing where you need to apply more sunscreen.

Founders Dave Cohen and Jon Meyer have both watched family members struggle with skin cancer, which is what led them to develop Sunscreenr, a product that protects you from sun damage by showing you where you need to lather on more SPF 50. It seems like it would be hard to miss a spot on your face if you have normal control over your hands, but Sunscreenr, could come in handy for those hard to get spots like the shoulder blades.

Here’s how it works: It’s a viewer that’s comprised of “a special filter that removes all light except the part of the spectrum that sunscreen absorbs, a completely custom lens made from special materials and a carefully selected sensor that can actually respond to UV light,” according to — naturally — its Kickstarter description.

After you apply sunscreen, it will show where it has been adequately applied (darker areas) and where you need more (lighter areas).

Sunscreenr highlights where you need more sunscreen through contrasting dark and light areas on the skin


Sunscreenr was designed to highlight what you can’t see with your incompetent human eyes: UV light. Sunscreen is meant to absorb UV light before it makes contact with your skin, which is why sunscreen appears darker through Sunscreenr and unprotected areas appear lighter.

An example of Sunscreenr™ footage


Human eyes can't detect UV light, but the Sunscreenr™ can


Sunscreenr™ has already surpassed its goal of $45,000 with 21 days left of its Kickstarter campaign, which points to a pretty auspicious future for this product.

Next time you ask your friend “Is it all rubbed in?” remember that your friend is squinting because of the blinding sun.

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