Watch Drone Drop a Soccer Ball 105 Feet and Be Perfectly Controlled

And then catching it using your feet, because anything is a record at this point.

Guinness World Records

The Guinness Book of World Records used to be a weighty thing, a pop-culture tome illustrated with pictures of the grotesque, the weird, and the unbelievable. Flipping through the latest version in a friend’s bedroom was an all-afternoon activity that invariably resulted in trying out some of the more bizarre feats, or making up new records of your own. Guinness’s rebrand in 2000 to Guinness World Records has, well, made things even more kooky, and the advent of YouTube means the book has become an endless playlist of people doing dumb, extraordinary, or extraordinarily dumb things in the name of getting an official certificate.

One of these things, apparently, is dropping a soccer ball from a specially modified drone and controlling it using only feet, head, and legs. Per Guinness’s YouTube description, “multiple record-breaking freestyle footballer John Farnworth set a brand new record for the highest soccer ball dropped and controlled, as he managed to successfully trap the ball after it fell from 105ft.”

Inverse can confirm that the following video contains a soccer ball, a drone, and a man catching the former when dropped from the latter using his feet. This feat earned the man a certificate and a Guinness world record. Watch the whole thing below, because sure, it may not be an old faded hardcover with a freaky picture of the long fingernails guy, but it’s still pretty cool.

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