Watch the Crazy, Badass First 4 Minutes of 'Preacher''s First Episode

We're getting so close to the Preacher premier you can almost smell the hellfire.


With just four days until AMC unleashes Preacher on the world, the network has offered up an extended taste of the famed Vertigo comic. Having already released a cool teaser showcasing the show’s cast of rogues, AMC has decided to put out the first four minutes of the pilot.

While we won’t spoil anything here, fans of the comics will immediately recognize what exactly happened to the African church featured in the blistering opening minutes. Beyond that, we get a pretty good glimpse at Dominic Cooper’s wayward preacher, Jesse Custer, appropriately introduced by Willie Nelson’s “Time of the Preacher”. We even get a humorous glimpse at the congregation Custer presides over. Safe to say from the video that this preacher isn’t shepherding the most holy of flocks.

Produced by the comedy team of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, and written by Breaking Bad’s Sam Catlin, this glimpse does a good job setting the stage for both the cool, western vibe, and the over-the-top zaniness (complete with scatological humor) expected of the Rogen and Goldberg duo. Particularly inspired is the little vintage Looney Tunes throwback in the opening seconds.

While the clip does a good job at setting up expectations for the pilot, it’s still only just a peek at what the full episode has to offer. Not shown in this teaser are the amazing appearances of Ruth Negga’s Tulip and Joseph Gilgun’s Cassidy, who I’m sure will quickly become fan favorites.

Make sure to check out the full episode when it premiers May 22.

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