Every Matt Damon Movie Poster Looks the Damn Same

The internet has blown the lid off of a recurring theme in the actor's appearance on movie posters.

Keen eyes on the internet are always peeled for in-jokes about their favorite actors or franchises, and have been responsible for many jabs at movie posters that are either too ridiculous – or too familiar. Just recently, a crack about actor Benedict Cumberbatch’s apparent refusal to face the camera in various film posters made the rounds on social media. And now, after a little build-up last month, the internet is being taken over by an all-new, ill-fated coincidence, courtesy of the latest poster for the fifth Jason Bourne film.

It seems as though Damon’s calling card is quickly becoming his signature poster style. It’s likely that the actor has little to do with the final product, but that didn’t stop the internet from immediately creating parody posters of their own.

At the end of the day, the very action itself is becoming something of a weird chant on twitter.

Never change, Weird Twitter.

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