'Doctor Strange' Poster: Sanctum Sanctorum Glows Ahead of Teaser Premiere

See the Seal of the Vishanti in the first slick poster for 'Doctor Strange.'


While actor Benedict Cumberbatch’s comic book shopping in New York gave us a solid glimpse at Stephen Strange’s elegant robes, we have yet to see anything else from Marvel’s Doctor Strange — until tonight’s premiere of the teaser trailer on Jimmy Kimmel Live, that is. But now, there’s also a poster, giving us a glimpse into Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum and the Seal of the Vishanti.

Set firmly within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Doctor Strange introduces Stephen Strange, the superhero sorcerer who uses magic instead of advanced tech or mutated abilities to save the world. Once a brilliant but arrogant doctor, Strange is injured in an accident, his hands wrecked, and left homeless until he meets the Earth’s “Sorcerer Supreme,” the Ancient One, in the Himalayas and teaches Strange the mystical arts. Strange then returns home to New York in the Greenwich Village, as the new Doctor Strange.

Strange has already been alluded to throughout the MCU. He was name-dropped in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and in Ant-Man Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang shrinks into the quantum realm, which Marvel producer Kevin Feige said is a direct connection to Doctor Strange.

Doctor Strange releases on November 4, 2016.