The 10 Best Comics to Get on Free Comic Book Day 2016, From Marvel to Manga

From all-ages to serious literature, this year's free comic book day has some diverse offerings.

TATE'S Comics

Every year, local comic book shops around the country participate in Free Comic Book Day, a celebration of the art and an event used to attract potential new readers. For the most part, publishers and shops like to make available a wide variety of books that would appeal to almost anyone. But it can still be confusing for newcomers, so here’s a handy list of the 10 best bets to pick up today.

BOOM! Studios Summer Blast 2016

BOOM! 2016 Summer Blast

Boom! Studios

BOOM! is one of our favorite publishers and the Summer Blast 2016 is a fantastic way to get a look into some of their best titles. With original mini-stories for Mouse Guard and Adventure Time, as well as excerpts from some of the best the publisher has to offer, Boom’s Summer Blast is the perfect showcase for this great publisher.

Civil War II #1

Civil War II #1

Marvel Comics

Marve’s big summer comic event is almost here, and Civil War II’s first official showcase will be at Free Comic Book Day with Civil War II issue one. Introducing the new Wasp along with a preview of the big marquis series, it’s going to be the best of Marvel’s FCBD offerings.

Con Man’s Spectrum

Spectrum #0

Automatic Pictures Publishing

Alan Tudyk, famous for his portrayal of Wash in Firefly, successfully crowdfunded an online series called Con Man (which is officially coming back for season 2). Con Man tells the “fictional” comedic story of Tudyk’s former sci-fi actor-turned-geek icon as he navigates his career beyond his cult show Spectrum. I know, very meta, and for FCBD there will be a Spectrum comic book based on the actual, fake sci-fi show.

Valiant 2016

Valiant 2016

Valiant Comics

You might not know them now, but Valiant comics just signed a deal with Sony to produce five films based on their heroes, so there’s no better time to do your research. Valiant 2016 is probably the best opportunity to get acquainted with the publisher, featuring excerpts of some of their best comics including Faith and 4001AD.

Attack on Titan Anthology

Attack on Titan Anthology

Kodansha Comics

Based on the incredibly popular Japanese anime, the Attack on Titan Anthology will feature some of the best western artists tackling the property. Expect some intense action, as Attack on Titan is not a story for the faint of heart.

March Trilogy Sampler



A graphic novel that shares the biography of congressman John Lewis and his time with the Civil Rights Movement. March features excerpts from the three-volume series. A fantastic work for lovers of modern history, March is a testament to the comic’s ability to share powerful, human stories.


Archie #1

Archie Comics Publications

Essentially rebooted, Archie is the new comic series of the eponymous Reiverdale teenager and his friends. While there is no new content for FCBD, you can get the a reprint of the very first issue if you missed out on it during its first run. Possibly the most dramatic change since the comic series’ inception, Archie is a fun, fantastic work from the talented team of Mark Waid and Fiona Staples.

Love and Rockets Sampler

Love and Rockets Sampler

Fantagraphics Books

A new fourth series of the legendary comic series, the FCBD outing is a sampler of stories from Love and Rockets almost 35 years of history. A gripping coming-of-age story in southern California, Love and Rockets is a great look at a comic book legend.

One Punch Man/My Hero Academia

One Punch Man

Viz Media

The second Japanese based work on the list, One-Punch Man is quickly becoming a mainstream work in western pop-culture. Starring a hero so strong that he can take down most enemies in a single punch, it’s unfortunate that he’s never taken seriously by his peers. Still, One-Punch Man is another work that is quickly becoming popular with audiences who appreciate all different genres of graphic novels.

We Can Never Go Home/Young Terrorists

We Can Never Go Home/Young Terrorists

Black Mask Comics

The darkest entry on this list, We Can Never Go Home/Young Terrorists is Black Mask Comics’ double feature, with two of the best works for mature readers. We Can Never Go Home in particular made waves as the story of two runaway teens with superpowers go on a violent, dramatic escape from the law. It is a can’t miss for readers looking for something mature this FCBD.