Bethesda's 'DOOM' Launch Trailer Is Gory AF

"You've returned, the only flesh and blood to walk between dimensions, between our world and theirs."

Don’t call it a comeback. Bethesda launched a full DOOM trailer on its Twitter account this morning, advertising that the revamped first-person shooter will available May 13. Get ready for an immersive, horrifying experience.

The beta launch, which closed a couple weeks ago was dampened by a couple issues with frame rate, which Bethesda assured everyone they’d correct.

Cyberdemon, classic.


DOOM, which will feature Mario Maker-esque level editing tools, redesigned versions of monsters including Revenant, Mancubus, and Cyberdemon (the original’s above and the updated version is below), and a multiplayer capacity.

Cyberdemon, upgraded.

We played the beta version at home, and at PAX East last month, and it’s obvious that Bethesda is doing something right. From the looks of this gorgeous, blood-soaked trailer, this is gonna be big.

The game’s multiplayer functions will allow players to enact carnage as demons, using power-up runes. DOOM also offers expanded personalization options, which will help differentiate players in armor. We’re looking forward to playing the game using the recently announced Ultra Nightmare setting, which enhances the game’s lighting, shading and monstrous details.

Get your BFG ready, folks. DOOM will be available on May 13 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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