The Obamas Dance with R2-D2in Celebration of

The galaxy's greatest astromech paid another gracious visit the The White House in order to jam with the President one last time.


Today’s-May the 4th celebrations brought forth an array of cool videos, great deals, and announcements that sent fans throughout the galaxy in a frenzy. Not to be left out of the fray, President Barack Obama attended to one of the galaxy’s most seasoned (fictional) war heroes, the blue, silver and white astromech known as R2-D2, and one turncoat First Order stormtrooper who — much like Finn in The Force Awakens — couldn’t resist a great opportunity to do something good. In an all new video, the President and First Lady jam out in the Oval Office with the precocious droid during a final celebratory visit with the current First Family.

While the politically-charged themes of Claudia Grey’s new book, Star Wars: Bloodline, may have caused a stir last night after its official release, the Obama family opted out of meeting the little droid in the Senatorial chambers and instead welcomed Artoo for a much more laid-back,personal experience. After (at least) six years of sleep as of The Force Awakens, Artoo seems as ready to move as he was when he first rolled into our hearts in 1977.

This is far from the president’s first foray into Star Wars fandom: along with inviting Princess Leia herself to the White House Correspondents Dinner earlier this week, Obama referenced that galaxy far, far away in a few particularly jabbing statements during his speech, and famously cut off a press conference in jest last December when The Force Awakens premiered. Though the stormtrooper might seem familiar, fans who feel like jumping to conclusions can rest assured that actor John Boyega (who plays former stormtrooper Finn in The Force Awakens) is on the set of Episode VIII this week. One thing is for sure: whoever that trooper is, they are one lucky buckethead. While few trooper canonically entertained the Emperor without becoming dead meat, the President was condierably more gracious.

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