Vision and Scarlet Witch Catch Feelings in 'Civil War' Clip

Maybe one day they'll be married. For now, it's just casual deep conversations for these two Avengers in 'Civil War.'

Marvel, Collider

Fists will fly on May 6 when Captain America: Civil War hits theaters, but maybe romance will bloom, too. In an early clip released on Good Morning America, Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda, a.k.a. Scarlet Witch, shares some friendly downtime with Paul Bettany’s impeccably dressed Vision that hints at something more for the two in the future.

As Marvel fans know, Scarlet Witch and Vision become an item in the comics. The two superheroes married in Giant-Sized Avengers #4, published in June 1975. But in the ongoing comic The Vision from Tom King, Vision married another synthetic android like him, Virginia, whom he built to become more human.

But Scarlet Witch and Vision together were, at one time, a very big deal. In an interview with comics magazine Back Issues! in 2010, Marvel writer Roy Thomas recalled: “I felt that a romance of some sort would help the character development in The Avengers, and the Vision was a prime candidate because he appeared only in that mag… as did Wanda, for that matter. So they became a pair, for just such practical considerations. It would also, I felt, add to the development I was doing on the Vision’s attempting to become ‘human.’”

In the clip from Civil War below, Vision opens up to Wanda about the Infinity Stone in his head (from his creation in Avengers: Age of Ultron) and his struggle to “understand” it. But just as their relationship blooms, the Sokovia Initiative threatens to tear them apart.

Captain America: Civil War releases on May 6.

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