How Much Are Vision's Sweater and Clothes In This 'Captain America: Civil War' Clip?

The Vibranium-based android Avenger is looking sleek in some comfortable menswear, and you can dress just like him.

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A bunch of new clips from Captain America: Civil War have found their way online ahead of the film’s release on May 6. The one below, entitled “Right To Choose,” depicts a handful of the Avengers assembled, just kicking back and talking about what it’s like to be the superhuman protectors of the planet. We’ve got Captain America talking about honor, duty, and responsibility. We’ve got Tony Stark, Cap’s new foe for the time being, offering some acid-tongued retorts about the so-called Sokovia Accords. Everybody else is sitting around pondering which side to take, and it’s all very serious stuff. But wait a second. Is Vision wearing a goddamn sweater, button-up, and slacks ensemble?

Yes, it appears the J.A.R.V.I.S.-based life form created by Tony Stark has decided to do away with the cape and grey spandex he was rocking in Avengers: Age of Ultron for some business casual duds. It’s quite possibly a little homage to the current eponymous comic book run for Marvel written by Tom King where the purple superhero creates a family for himself, moves to the suburbs of Washington D.C., and dresses like the most regular dad you’ve ever seen.

Here’s one blurry angle from the trailer:

Vision doing is best Don Draper impression.

YouTube / ComicBook

Here’s another look as casual Vision:

Everyone is looking at Tony, but whoa, check out Vision.

Youtube / ComicBook

Here’s the comics version:

Marvel Comics

He’s looking sharp, but what does it cost to dress like the newest member of the Avengers? Sure, the synthetic Vibranium-based humanoid can create clothes for himself at will, but you’ll want to dress for success like him — especially if dressing for success means you’re part of the Earth’s premiere superhero team.

Let’s get down to business.

Just imagine this dude's face being purple and grey with an Infinity Stone lodged in his forehead.

  • Vision, or Viz, as I’ll call him, is wearing a v-neck sweater as an outer layer, perhaps trying to go for a little bit more of an open look than Captain America’s simple crew neck. But if you want to be ol’ Viz in a V-neck, try this “Silk Cotton Cashmere Vee Sweater Pullover” from Banana Republic. Select colors are now $28 off, but Vision keeps it simple and sleek with regular old black. It’s marked down from $69.50 to $41.50, which is great because how much does Tony pay this guy anyway? It’s tough being an Avenger.

Unbutton it nearly all the way.

  • Next up is his base layer. From what we can see, the android with an infinity stone lodged in his head likes to keep things unbuttoned — but not too unbuttoned if you know what we mean. It looks a little fancier than the sweater, but remember, Vision is a thrifty non-human. He may have been created by Tony Stark, but he doesn’t have the same taste in clothing as Iron Man. Vision would probably look for some deals, so this $79.50 grey “Traveler Slim Fit Wrinkle-Free Pinpoint Solid Long-Sleeve Spread Collar Dress Shirt” from your grandfather’s favorite, Jos. A Bank, is available for a reasonable price. Plus it’s buy one, get one free.

Synthetic humanoids of all shapes and sizes would look sharp in these.

  • And then there are those slacks. Vision makes them look good, and when an Avenger wants to kick back with his buddies and discuss the morality of using your superhuman abilities to act as the world police, you also want to make sure you have some comfortable pants on too. Can’t be distracted with a weird in-seam. The “Ludlow Traveler Suit Pant in Italian Wool” from J. Crew is sensible but comfortable enough to let dudes like War Machine know you mean business. $250 and they’re yours.

Casual Avengers chic.

  • Then we have a bit of a problem. At no point do we see what kind of inevitably fly-as-hell shoes he’s wearing, but since Vision is beginning to let out his casual side, we’d en-vision (sorry, had to) the benevolent humanoid would want to be decked out in some comfortable loafers; maybe even slip-ons, perhaps. We know he can just fly away, but Vision would definitely go for the Cole Haan Hughes Slip-On” at DSW for $109.95 with imported rubber sole and breathable mesh lining.

Do you want to dress like the most fashionable android on the planet? It’ll only set you back $480.95. Wear your new threads to the theater when Captain America: Civil War is released on May 6.

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