New Science Channel Series 'Space's Deepest Secrets' Suggests Einstein Was Wrong

The newest episode of 'Space's Deepest Secrets' tracks dark energy and casts doubt on a legend.

The Science Channel has been quietly killing it for sometime now, by focusing its new programming that bridges the gap between entertainment and science. The network’s newest show, Space’s Deepest Secrets, produced in collaboration with the BBC, looks like it’ll continue that trend of smart, engaging fare. Below, Inverse has an exclusive look at the latest new series, which picks up tonight.

The docu-series launched with a huge two-hour premiere on April 26th that explored NASA’s New Horizons mission to Pluto, the Hubble Telescope, and a handful of current and future NASA missions.

The series will air every Tuesday, with hour-long episodes that dissect some of the major questions in the universe. The first episode takes a crack at some of the most fundamental beliefs in modern physics, and also takes aim at some of science’s most essential names — like Albert Einstein.

The newest episode, “Hunt for Dark Energy,” chronicles the unknown and extremely powerful energy that’s causing the universe to rapidly expand. The spookily named “dark energy” supposedly makes up 70 percent of the universe, and its very existence calls into question Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, so much so that some physicists think that Einstein’s pillar of physics might need to be amended or scrapped altogether.

It seems old Einstein wasn’t aware of the force that’s increasingly pushing the universe apart.

Take a look at the clip below and brace yourself for some dark energy:

Dark energy has been around forever, but it was first discovered in 1998 when scientists were measuring the brightness of exploding stars, or supernovas. Since then dark energy has produced more questions than answers, and with a number of experiments from scientific teams from around the world taking place to try and factor in dark energy into physics, there might be a new undiscovered Einstein waiting to propose another theory of relativity.

Here’s a rundown of what else to expect from the Science Channel’s new series:

Death of the Solar System
An exploration of the dramatic fate of our future descendants, the technology they’ll need to survive the end of this world billions of years from now and our options for colonizing and starting again on a new planet somewhere far from Earth.
Alien Oceans
A soaring quest through the solar system’s exotic and hidden water realms, from the deep seas below the icy crust of Europa to the vast prehistoric oceans that once existed on Mars billions of years ago.
Secret History of the Voyager Mission
Voyager has had a profound effect on our knowledge of the cosmos. Its mission was supposed to last five years but remains ongoing, fundamentally changing our understanding of the solar system. Featuring contributions from key scientists, we’ll explore what’s been achieved and what happens next.
The Plot Against Gravity
The story of how a large aerospace company, BAE Systems, began a secret project to counter the force of gravity while NASA simultaneously ran a similar ‘Breakthrough Propulsion Physics’ program.”

Space’s Deepest Secrets airs every Tuesday at 10 p.m. EST on the Science Channel.

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