Why Are There Only 8 Tech Lyrics on Drake's 'Views'?

Shouldn't there be more?


As you are probably aware by now, on Thursday night Drake released his fourth full-length album (excluding mix tapes and What a Time to Be Alive). The mood of the lengthy project follows the changing of seasons in Toronto, with the album beginning in winter, moving to summer, and transitioning back to winter again. The Toronto references are predictably plentiful on the new album, but the tech references are also central to the album’s colder themes, specifically how texting tends to be misconstrued and the agony of waiting for someone to respond.

Here are all the tech — and mostly text — references on Views, which got us thinking: With as much as technology bleeds across all facets of our lives, and with Drake a clear tech expert, why aren’t there more? Here are eight tech-focused lines from Views:

“U With me”

“I group DM my exes
“I told them they belong to me, that goes on for forever.”

In the wake of Yo Gotti’s hit about sliding into girls’ DMs, Drake is the latest to tout the virtues of the Direct Message in reference to his flirting habits.

“I know that you heard my pool parties like Mardi Gras
“I know you heard that my girl is sponsored by Audemars”

Audemars Piguet is a luxury brand of watches, the kind of expensive brand that would likely sponsor any girl Drake dates.

“You send the ‘are you here text?’ without an invite
that’s that shit I don’t like”

That’s that shit we all don’t like, Drake. Feel you.

“Three dots, you thinking of a reaction still
“while you’re typin’ make sure to tell me what type of games are bein’ played”

Anyone with an iPhone has felt the pangs of anticipation as the gray bubble with the three dots continuously appears and disappears. It means the person you’re texting is trying to think of the right thing to say, and those unholy three dots amplify that nerve-wracking waiting period.

Press photo for Drake's 'Views'



“Last year I know you learned your lesson
“I could GPS you if you need addressin’”

GPS references are few and far between in rap songs, but it’s a pretty common tech tool most of us with smartphones use nearly every day. Thanks for putting GPS on the map, Drizzy.

“Roy outta here like NASA
“Bustin 1’s out the plastic
“Her gram too poppin’ to fuck her
“the chain too heavy to tuck it, I’m serious”

Even the 6 God won’t go for a girl who’s too thirsty on Instagram. Drake sees right through your social media presence.

Press photo for Drake's 'Views'



“Let’s do the things that we say on text
“I want to get straight to the climax”

Drake’s fed up with girls who are all talk and no action on “Faithful.” Aren’t we all, Drake.

“One Dance”

“You know you gotta stick by me
“soon as you see the text, reply me.”

Drake is again feeling insecure about waiting for someone to respond to a text. The continuous disappearance and reappearance of those dreadful three dots probably inspired this lyric, too.

Press photo for Drake's 'Views'