New 'GoT' Stills Reveal The Citadel, Sad Ramsay

New Season 6 photos show a different side to Ramsay and a new location 

Game of Thrones has just released nine new photos from Sunday’s Season 6 premiere. Most of them do not convey new information — Cersei looks sad because her daughter is dead; Dorne is apparently still going to be a thing — but two photos stand out.

The first is a peek at an intriguing new location: The Citadel. Recall that at the end of Season 5, Sam and Gilly went off to Oldtown, the aptly named oldest city in the Seven Kingdoms. The Citadel in Oldtown has a legendary library where men study to become Maesters. Perhaps in Sam’s studies, he’ll stumble upon some information about his mop-haired pal’s true parentage.

HBO/ Entertainment Weekly 

The second photo shows Ramsay Bolton looking frozen as he gazes at his dead girlfriend. Recall that Theon and Sansa dispatched her with a fatal wall-shove at the end of Season 5. In a recent interview, Iwan Rheon suggested that Season 6 might show off a new, more human side, as Ramsay mourns his former partner-in-sadism. We predict Ramsay will finally meet his end this season, and showing his (almost-)human side only supports this theory.

Season 6 premieres on the 24th at 9pm on HBO.

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