Marvel Teases 'Civil War II' in New 'Choose Your Side' Trailer

Team Iron Man vs. Team Captain...Marvel!

Marvel Comics

As Captain America: Civil War is ramping up for its big May release, another Marvel Civil War looms on the horizon: the comic book Civil War II. This time, instead of a Team Iron Man facing off against Team Captain America, Tony’s pack will fight Team Captain Marvel.

The trailer is a pretty good summation of the events that will eventually lead up to the big Civil War. Iron Man and Captain Marvel are at odds when a new Inhuman with the power to see future crimes comes into play. The question they’re asking is whether or not to use this power to hand out predictive justice, or let the possible future unfold naturally. It’s basically a metaphor for NSA-style, privacy invasion in our own world but with superheroes.

What’s especially cool in this new trailer is seeing glimpses of potential storylines. We see in the video Jean Grey from the X-Men looking particularly distraught, and Hawkeye, Thor, and Sam Wilson’s Captain America also look to have potential solo adventures in the event as well.

While the full scope of this war is still unclear, a preliminary roster shows that Team Iron Man is comprised of heroes like Black Widow, Deadpool, Captain America (Sam Wilson), Black Panther, Daredevil, and Star-Lord. Meanwhile, Captain Marvel enlists the help of Hawkeye, War Machine, Spider-Man, Vision, and Captain America (Steve Rogers). Of course, being as big an event as it is, more heroes will definitely choose sides and join the fray.

Civil War II is going to be a huge event in the comics with spinoff stories which will take place outside the central conflict. Civil War II is justifiably a big deal, and how successful the event turns out will depend on how big the stakes are for these Marvel characters. There’s a chance the Marvel universe will be changed in big ways post-Civil War II.

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