Daredevil's Kingpin is Getting His Own Comic Book

There will a 4-issue miniseries starring Daredevil's arch-nemesis, Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin

Netflix, Marvel TV Studios

The Marvel baddie Kingpin became a household name when Vincent D’Onofrio played the menacing businessman-turned-crime boss in Netflix’s excellent Daredevil. D’Onofrio’s physicality and cruel intelligence made him an excellent villain for season 1, and the perfect choice for the sort of realism the show was attempting.

Now, the character (alias: Wilson Fisk) will be getting his own comic miniseries within Marvel’s large Civil War II comic event slated for this summer. Titled CIVIL WAR II: KINGPIN, the four-issue run will follow how Fisk and other criminals react when their main adversaries, the “heroes”, are all too busy fighting one another instead of the villains.

KINGPING #1 Variant Cover by Esad Ribic

Marvel Comics

In a Marvel interview, writer Matthew Rosenberg explains why he chose to pitch a story starring Kingpin in Marvel’s big comic event:

I just really love villains like Kingpin. He’s not just some monster; he’s a very human character. I think examining why he will go farther and do things normal people won’t is fascinating. It’s what makes him matter. But also, the chance to glimpse the real person underneath it all is such a great opportunity as a writer. Seeing Wilson Fisk in a different light allows you to really hold him up against heroes like Spider-Man and Daredevil, and it makes all of them more relevant. He has real tragedy, and vulnerability, and pathos we can learn from, and that makes him as relevant as any hero.

Based on his words, and the realism depicted in the variant cover by Esad Ribic (released by Marvel), it’s safe to say that readers will be getting a look at Kingpin that is very reminiscent of his television counterpart. Creating a humanistic portrait of the character appears to be the main goal for the creative team behind the newly announced comic series. Fans of Daredevil eager for more Kingpin can look forward to when the first issue drops in July 2016.’

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