Why Aren't These 6 Mobile Apps Available as Virtual Reality Games?

With a little tweaking, mobile apps like Opus and Cartoon Camera could be perfect for a VR headset.

There are a few applications on mobile devices already which are meant to be used with VR headsets. Usually, these apps are horror games, theater apps, first-person shooters, or rollercoaster simulators. We’ve put together a list of apps already available with standard interfaces which would add a little diversity to the growing mobile VR selection.


Google Play

This one is already cool enough just with a smartphone screen, but with VR, exploring constellations would become even more immersive. The entire sky would light up with labels and names, and you’d be an expert in no time.

Cartoon Camera

This app loses entertainment value after your 15th time looking through your iPhone’s camera, but it is fun, initially, to peek through the lens and see a world made up of graphite shading and ink strokes.

Escape the Whatever Room


There are a ton of different games that are similar to each other, but they all begin with escaping … something. These are usually point-and-click puzzle games where you have to search the room for a way to escape the mansion, city, etc.

With virtual reality capability, games like Escape the Room would function like a giant iSpy and Nancy Drew set-up mashed together, during which you’d have to sift through the junk in a digital room to find the necessary items to finish the puzzle.

Falling: First Person

Admittedly, this one may be dizzying for some, but for a few minutes anyway, and for those immune to cybersickness, this would be a game with easy controls and interesting backgrounds. You’d fall slowly through colorful landscapes and you’d have to tilt your head to avoid the obstacles in the path.

OPUS: The Day We Found Earth

A good story and cute characters, this game follows an endearing robot and his creator Lisa as they try to find Earth. The players controls a telescope in order to find the elusive planet, and using a headset instead of your finger would make exploring space that much more fun.

Last Horizon

Tilting your head to move the spaceship throughout space, this game would be an ambient and exploratory game requiring the user to maneuver her spaceship to different planets and solar systems. The field of play is expansive and the rocket is so small that this game wouldn’t make the player feel dizzy, either.

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