Watch What Happens When a Drone's Blades Hit Flesh

In the name of science, of course.

Aalborg University’s Drone Research Lab

There’s no doubt that consumer drones can be dangerous when in the wrong hands. They can race through the air at more than 60 mph, their spinning rotors basically asking to combat anything in the drone’s path. The U.S. government has cracked down and started a drone registry, and law enforcement has shown they aren’t afraid to go after drones operators that hit buildings.

But are laws and regulations really necessary? It’s not like drone collisions with people could cause serious injury, right? Researchers at Aalborg University’s Drone Research Lab created the Drone Impact research project to find out.

The Danish engineers rigged a drone propellor onto a 10-foot track and shot it at more than 30 mph toward a thick slice of pork duct taped to a board. They filmed the moment of impact with a high speed camera to see what type of damage the propellers could really do to a piece of flesh. All in the name of science.

One of the plastic propellers lodges halfway into the meat. A piece of plastic splinters and falls from the main blade with all the dramatics of a Quentin Tarantino movie.

Anders la Cour-Harbo, the lead researcher of the project, told the Daily Mail that it’s too early to draw any conclusions from their tests. Eventually, they would like to make a track that can launch industrial-sized drones into hunks of meat.

This might sound obvious, but you probably want to keep your hide away from any drones – at least until this very insightful research has been completed.