Inside 'Game of Thrones' Visual Effects: Dragons, Watchers on the Wall, and More

Take a behind the scenes looks at the making of The Wall, Dany's dragons, and more.


HBO has released a new video showcasing the man behind the Game of Thrones curtain: the visual effects team. We witness construction of the largest green-screen ever for the “Watchers on the Wall” battle sequence, insanely large flamethrowers that light people on fire, and the depiction of giants thanks to men who are actually giant. Just because dragons aren’t real, it doesn’t mean the behind-the scenes action isn’t still astounding — and flammable. There is no other show like Game of Thrones in both scope and paradoxical writing, and that sentiment applies behind the scenes, too.

“There’s never going to be another job like this,” says Joe Bauer, the VFX supervisor. The video is worth watching just to see Bauer nonchalantly say, “Our dragons have grown in size.” His fellow VFX supervisor explains that a friend is working on a major tentpole film and has less work than the Game of Thrones team. It reaffirms that Game of Thrones really is the biggest show on TV not just for its audience, its fans losing their shit over Kit Harington’s hair length, or its power to generate internet controversy, but for its production.

Check it out here.

Winter is coming on April 24th. Since Season 6 will have the biggest battle ever, we can only assume this team is now taking a much-deserved beach vacation.

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