'Game of Thrones' Season 6 Trailer Previews Battle of the Bastards

The latest 'Game of Thrones' trailer might be short, but it's richer than the Iron Bank of Braavos.

A man asked for more Game of Thrones Season 6 footage, and a man did receive. The latest trailer has everything we could possibly want from Game of Thrones teasers: Ominous voiceovers, vague yet blood-pounding clips of clashing swords, and just enough shots of characters looking distressed to worry us. Although the latest trailer is a scant thirty seconds, you can bet all the money in the Iron Bank of Braavos that there’s enough juicy material in there to confirm some fan theories and provide new information to the sharp-eyed. Here are some of particular note.

The Battle of the Bastards

Season 6 will reportedly have the show’s biggest battle yet — bigger than “Blackwater” and “Hardhome” combined — and it’s long been speculated that it will be a battle over the North, between Ramsay’s forces and Jon Snow’s. While the Jon question remains as shadowy as Jaqen H’ghar’s riddle-speak, this trailer seems to at least confirm the Ramsay half of that equation.

Jaime prepares to clash with The Blackfish

In the fourth book, Jaime Lannister’s plotline takes him to Riverrrun, turf of House Tully. The show initially skipped over that in favor of Season 5’s dubiously received invented Dorne storyline, but by all reports, Season 6 is sending him there. This is excellent news. The Blackfish — Catelyn Stark’s sassy uncle who survived the Red Wedding with a well-timed bathroom break— is a tremendously fun character and it’s very unlikely that he’ll ever say, “You want the good girl but you need the bad pussy.”

Drogon is going rogue

Daenerys storyline is nothing if not a Where’s Waldo with Dragons. Her most commonly quoted line in Season 2 was “where are my dragons,” but Season 6 looks like locating them is hardly the issue. We know exactly where they are, and everyone should take cover.

Fire and Ice will mix in Bran’s visions

The Night’s King — aka the White Walker from “Hardhome” who seemed to take a particular interest in Jon with that “come at me, bro” arm raise — seems to play an intriguing role in Season 6. Isaac Hempstead-Wright, who plays Bran, has already confirmed that Season 6 will employ non-linear storytelling in the form of Bran’s visions. They’ll shed some much-anticipated light on past events, like what exactly went down in the Tower of Joy. But from all the trailer’s hints, The Night’s King will play a key part of Bran’s visions. Theories are rampant about just how The Night’s King is entwined with Westeros’s past — but whatever his role is, it’s safe to say it’s no small one.

Catch the trailer in its entirety here.

Game of Thrones Season 6 premieres on April 24th. It seems far away now, but All Men Must Wait.

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