Internet of Things Day Delivers Connected Cows and Sour Cream

These aren't the most exciting internet of things gadgets, but they're practical. 

Today is Internet of Things Day, and two of the most practical connected devices from the industry right now might be gadgets for cows and sour cream.

The internet of things market hasn’t taken off like some experts once predicted, as products are typically relegated to over- complicated, wifi-connected appliances with few practical applications for the real world.

But that’s because internet of things connected devices have been adopted more in business and healthcare fields than consumer markets. It’s predicted that by 2025, the internet of things industry is expected to be valued at $6.2 trillion and manufacturing applications will represent 37 percent of that market or $2.3 trillion.

That’s why the technology company Fujitsu is finding new ways to tackle problems along the supply chain with internet of things connected devices.

The company says farmers have the unique problem of not knowing when cows are in estrus — meaning most fertile for impregnating. The best indicator is that the cows walk around more when they are fertile, but this typically happens at night before the morning that would be best for insemination. So Fujitsu designed a bovine pedometer to count the cow’s steps at night and determine the best time for insemination.

Fujitsu's internet of things connected cow bracelet is attached to a fake cow.

That’s not as consumer friendly and fun as the variety of Nest products out there promising a smart home, but it has a practical application for those in the field.

Fujitsu says it’s also been working with a leading sour cream manufacturer to deploy a tracking system that improves analysis shipping information such as delivery locations, the time of drop offs, and expiration dates of the cream.

An infographic from Intel shows where internet of things devices have seen the most adoption.

Mike Bell, president and CEO of Silver Spring Networks, will give the keynote address at Internet of Things World in the Santa Clara Convention Center on May 10, and he plans to encourage manufacturers to focus in on specific applications to build the future of this industry.

“As we celebrate Global IoT Day, we encourage those looking to realize the full potential of this transformation to choose a proven platform that emphasizes features – such as reliability, scalability and security – that the IoT market requires,” says Bell. “We believe the IoT is the greatest innovation opportunity in the world today, the foundation on which cities and businesses of the future will be built.”