Watch The Mountain from 'Game of Thrones' in a Crazy Bottled Water Commercial

Yes, the bottles are shaped like dumbbells.

YouTube/ Heavy Bubbles

Thor Bjornsson, the strongest man in the world, has decided to branch out from his side-job as Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane and become a bottled water salesman. And no, we’re not talking some Smartwater luxury brand here — Thor will only sell you carbonated mineral water in gigantic bottles shaped like dumbbells, that he actually wants you to use as dumbbells.

The bottles don’t come in liters, gallons, or standard liquid measurements, because that shit is for normal, weak water. No, Heavy Bubbles comes in two kilos, five kilos, and 10 kilos weights, that Thor says you should use to exercise when you leave the store with them. Does that sound heavy? Too bad. “If you can’t carry, you can’t drink. You die,” (we’re assuming of dehydration, but we all know the Mountain is the kind of dude that would straight-up murder someone for being weak, so maybe start with the two kilo bottles first. It’s an absurd, hilarious commercial featuring a lot of thick Icelandic accents and a gigantic man in a bathrobe. We can’t attest to the quality of sparkling water (which, remember, is pretty much just water with bubbles in it), but I’m sure you could definitely re-use the bottles as low-cost dumbbells whenever you needed them. Watch the whole thing here: