30 Photos of People Waiting in 30 Cities for the Tesla Model 3

They're waiting to put down a $1,000 reservation for a car they haven't yet seen.

In case you haven’t noticed, waiting in line has become a rite of passage for technology’s early adopters.

Apple brought it back, notably with the iPhone. Today, it was Tesla’s turn to demonstrate its power as a cult company.

Tesla is unveiling the Model 3 at 8:30 Pacific time tonight. Every angle of the reveal has been covered relentlessly, from the modest base price of $35,000, to how the Model 3 might finally bring Tesla in to profitability. With all the coverage, it’s no wonder the hype around Tesla refuses to die. But photos of people waiting to reserve a spot to buy a Model 3 have brought living the life of lines to a whole new level.

Pictures of lines on lines on lines have flooded social media, and the Tesla subreddit is just a long stream of people bragging about how long they will wait to put down a $1,000 deposit. It’s perspective that you have to see to believe.



Düsseldorf, Germany

Natick, Massachussetts

Natick, Massachusetts line reported at around 300.

Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland

Raleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh, North Carolina rumored to have around 200 line lovers.

Devon, Pennsylvania

Devon, Pennsylvania


Cincinnati people has some rain to deal with.

Charlotte, North Carolina

People in Charlotte were surely ready.


Kansas City

Kansas City hit more than 50.


Boston had more than 100.


Short sleeves were line protocol in Florida.

Bellevue, Washington

Calgary, Canada

In true Canadian fashion, the Calgary line got free cookies.

Tysons, Virginia

Tysons, Virginia fans reached around the corner.

Buena Park, California

They took the sidewalk in Buena Park.

Westchester, New York

Westchester Mall filled with Tesla lovers.


Houston, where they know hydration is key to a good line experience.

San Jose, California

San Jose's line reportedly reached over 600 people.

Portland, Oregon

Portland people all have fold up chairs apparently.

Park Meadows

Park Meadows Tesla fans huddled together like penguins in the snow.

Fort Lauderdale

Clouds don't scare true Tesla fans.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale reportedly had over 300.

Yorkdale Mall, Toronto

Salt Lake City

More than 150 in Salt Lake City.

Sunnyvale, California

Over 400 in Sunnyvale.


Folks from Hotlanta posed for their crowded line photo.

Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver wasn't immune to the lines.

Montreal, Canada

Montreal's Tesla people know what dedication really means.
Media via Imgur, YouTube