All the Product Placement in 'Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice', Ranked

After seeing the film, go on a shopping spree!

After 2013’s Man of Steel laid it on so thick with product placement that the iHop and Sears logo became two of the most memorable (and derided) parts of the film, Zach Snyder’s sequel, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, has taken a somewhat more subtle approach to mixing in major paying advertisers. But don’t mistake a delicate touch with a lack of cash-grabbing. There are plenty of paid-for moments in BvS, and with our eagle-eyes and love of brands, we caught them all.


We’re given a clear view of Bruce Wayne’s (Ben Affleck) Jeep Renegade in the early part of the film; he drives it through Metropolis during Superman’s climactic battle with General Zod, which is revisited from street level in Snyder’s sequel. Even as buildings crumble and hellfire rains down on the streets, the Jeep handles like a dream, maneuvering ably around all obstacles and death traps.

Jeep is an official sponsor of the film, which involved some long-lead marketing campaigns that asked fans to enter some contest online in exchange for consenting to endless promotional emails.

Aston Martin

When Bruce wants to class it up a bit, he trades in his Renegade for an Aston Martin DB2/4 Mk 3, which perhaps came highly recommended by another debonair big screen icon, James Bond. Snyder’s camera focuses on the logo on Wayne’s sports car for several seconds before pulling back and drinking in its sleek black body as it hugs the curves of the road up to Lex Luthor’s house.

Turkish Airlines

One of the more baffling elements of the BvS marketing campaign is the inclusion of Turkish Airlines. Ben Affleck appeared in commercials for the airline during the Super Bowl, and the company tricked out a 777 with art inspired by the movie. Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) also appears on a Turkish Airlines flight during a pivotal moment in the film. There’s no real explanation for the scene, but it sure did frame the company’s logo nicely.

Dr. Pepper

Superman threw General Zod into a gigantic Coke sign in Times Square in 1980’s Superman II, but this time around, Dr. Pepper is the big soft drink company plastering its name on the screen. Dr. Pepper’s presence is a bit more subtle, as there is simply a poster for the drink on a city building midway through the film, but as you can see in the “special edition” cans above, they certainly got their money’s worth.

The carrier, which travel’s the world’s most destinations, is working hard to establish itself more in North America; last year, it hired Jennifer Aniston as its brand ambassador as an opening salvo into the crowded aviation market.

Oil of Olay

Early in the film, Lois Lane (Amy Adams) is soaking sullenly in a bathtub. The only logical reason for this moment is for the clear shot of the Oil of Olay shampoo bottle resting on the shelf behind her. Her hair does look great throughout the film, even in the most desperate, action-packed moments!


No surprises here: CNN is owned by Time Warner, which means it has the same parent company as Warner Bros. All the film’s cable news segments happen on CNN air, with network stars such as Anderson Cooper and Nancy Grace (oddly enough) making cameos. When they want to show local news, they go with a fictional Metropolis outlet; Warner Bros. doesn’t own local TV news stations.


In a bid to influence the big data managers in the audience, EMC became the official hard drive of Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg). The company, which was bought by Dell in a record-setting deal last fall, got its name on a big wall of data at Lex’s mansion.

Jolly Rancher

In a very off-putting moment, Lex plays around with a bowl of Jolly Ranchers, and then tries to force-feed one to a senator played by Holly Hunter. She wasn’t into it, but maybe she prefers Werther’s.

Marathon Shipping

Another niche play, the Marathon shipping company has its very plain logo emblazoned on shipping containers in the Gotham bay. Free money for WB!

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