Tom Hiddleston Will Be All Over Your TV and Movie Screens This Spring

He's a Byronic hero, a country singer, a spy, and a dystopian hero. Does he ever sleep? 

Tom Hiddleston might not be making any appearances as Loki in the immediate future, but he’s hardly lounging on a beach in his downtime from the Marvel Universe. In fact, it’s unclear if he ever sleeps: Earlier in the year, he was gloriously Byronic, channeling his best Maxim de Winter impression in Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak. In a few days, he stars in I Saw The Light, and in April, he’s in the TV miniseries espionage thriller The Night Manager. And then, there’s the hyped-up action flick Hight Rise, out later in April. Let’s take a dive into the Hiddleston oeuvre and break it down.

In I Saw The Light, his most immediate project, he slaps on a flawless Southern accent —and does his own singing — in a surprisingly spot-on portrayal of legendary country star Hank Williams. For anyone who doubts casting a suave British guy as a Nashville man, witness him slay it here.

Later in April, BBC miniseries The Night Manager premiers on AMC, in which Hiddleston stars opposite Hugh Laurie, channeling his inner Jason Bourne. He plays a man who left the military for a quiet life, and it’s hardly a spoiler to say this does not work out as planned. The series is adapted from a novel by John le Carré, who also wrote Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

And if neither spies nor country singers pique your interest, Hiddleston still has the batty-looking science fiction flick High Rise on the horizon. Director Ben Wheatley’s film paints a Clockwork Orange-esque bacchanalian future world of depravity and class warfare.

It also features some ominous-looking face paint.

Even if you think you’re not a Tom Hiddleston fan, he’s making it impossible not to be one right now. He’s got too many intriguing projects simmering in the distance. So go ahead and embrace it — though if you don’t want to call yourself a Hiddlestoner, he would probably understand.

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