Daisy Ridley Might Continue Onscreen Ass-Kicking in 'Tomb Raider' Reboot 

First she redefined 'Star Wars' and now Daisy Ridley might be the new Lara Croft 

The Tomb Raider franchise will soon be the next property to receive the ol’ Hollywood reboot treatment. This would be ho-hum news were it not for Sony’s choice to play the video game/movie series’ leading badass, Lara Croft: Star Wars’s Daisy Ridley.

Croft, played in the original films by Angelina Jolie, has recently been granted a more progressive role, as a real survivalist instead of a gun-totting Barbie. There couldn’t possibly be a better choice than the woman who is redefining the female action hero in mainstream blockbusters.

Ridley’s costar John Boyega told The Hollywood Reporter that after playing the Tomb Raider game, “I texted Daisy [and] was like, ‘this is you!’ and ‘you need to get on that because you could be Lara Croft.’ She should be.”

Move over, Angelina Jolie. It looks like there’s a new Lara Croft in town.

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