Henry Cavill Punches Jimmy Kimmel, Superhero-Style

Everyone's favorite British Superman visited 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' to talk sexual tension with Ben Affleck

Last night, Henry Cavill, or, as we at Inverse call him, “Male Megan Fox”, made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote Batman v Superman. Kimmel, always the mocker of his guests, asked the 32-year-old perfect specimen to enact a slow-motion fight scene.

You can watch the interview below if you have Hulu prime. A short clip of the segment is also available on Youtube.

It wasn’t just Kimmel indulging childhood fantasies: The bit was intended to confuse St. Patrick’s Day partiers, who, as Kimmel pointed out, would likely be watching the show on mute while standing around in bars.

After Cavill took a swing at Kimmel, he took knee to the crotch by by Guillermo, Jimmy’s sidekick — which proves just how important a Robin can be.

Throughout the appearance, Cavill came off as he usually does — stiff, but eager to please. Jimmy convinced him to tell a couple of anecdotes, but Cavill’s odd sense of comedic timing was obvious.

Jimmy ran a clip from the film — which many of us have seen — admitting that he has already watched the showdown, and was surprised that Superman’s secret identity was still protected, in 2016, by a pair of glasses. Cavill pointed out that he was much less recognizable in public than one might assume. He used the following Instagram post as evidence.