Love Donald Drumpf? These 5 Google Chrome Extensions Will Spice Up Your Browser

You'll never read the news the same way again.


On Sunday night, John Oliver finally turned his blistering British scorn and the full wrath of the internet on Donald Trump — or Donald Drumpf, as he is now known.

Oliver found out that Trump’s original family name was Drumpf, which is a whole lot less impressive than Trump, and just ran with it. He registered, where he sells “Make Donald Drumpf Again” hats, and created a Google Chrome extension called Drumpfinator, which replaces the word “Trump” with “Drumpf” on every website you view. For example, if you have it already, the beginning of this article is confusing as hell, but also hilarious, with the extension enabled.

Yes, this is getting extremely meta.


Oh yeah, and it works everywhere.

So much Drumpf.

But Trump to Drumpf isn’t the only stupid-fun word-replacing extension out there. Here are five others that we at Inverse have come to love, and sometimes even install on any unattended computer in the office.

1. Cloud to Butt Plus

Clicking explore in depth just got a lot more interesting.


As far as word-replacing extensions go, this one is pure, simple, and brilliant. Where you would see the word “cloud,” you now see “butt.” This is the old standby, popular for so many reasons — “cloud” is a common but not over-used word, so the app can lurk subtly on people’s computers for days before they wonder why they’re reading an 800 word article about “butt computing” and that something probably isn’t right. With “Cloud to Butt Plus,” however, it also replaces “the cloud” with “my butt.” What a time to be alive.

2. Millennials to Snake People

Does this mean I'm a Parseltongue?


Look, people, the truth is out there if you seek it. This extension just makes it easier to see. I’m a snake person. If you’re reading this, according to our readership demographics survey, there’s a good chance you’re also a snake person. I mean millennial. But if you’re sufficiently woke, you have this extension running already in your mind, and can see the snake people inside every member of our generation.

3. Nicolas Cage to God

All hail the glistening biceps and flowing hair of 1990s Nicolas Cage.


Personal faith is something many Americans cherish, including those who believe in the powers of Nicolas Cage, the One True God of the internet. To help the rest of the world align with your beliefs, this extension will replace the word God with Nicolas Cage, hallowed be thy name.

4. xkcd Substitutions

Good to know.


This one is just an all-round bundle of fun. Randall Munroe, creator of the wildly popular webcomic xkcd cooked up a whole list of replacements that will make browsing a lot more absurd. Other than the “election” to “eating contest” replacement seen above, this one also turns “witnesses” into “these dudes I know,” “allegedly” into “kinda probably,” “Senator” into “Elf-Lord,” “car” into “cat,” and a whole host of other changes that will probably make you laugh inappropriately in the middle of an article about something terrible going on in the world.

5. Word Replacer II

Dog to God would also probably work for a lot of people.


If the other four didn’t quite do it with you, download Word Replacer II and make your own changes to the internet. The power is yours. Use it wisely.

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