Everyone Hates Jai Courtney But 'Suicide Squad' Will Change That

The actor has been called "bland" but as Captain Boomerang in 'Suicide Squad,' he's about to change that 

Actor Jai Courtney gets a weirdly large amount of dislike, in spite of the fact that he’s relatively uncontroversial. He doesn’t go around punching paparazzi, giving interviews about how great he is at sex, or doing whatever the hell Shia LaBeouf does on a regular basis. But the widespread consensus seems to be that, much like his Suicide Squad castmate Scott Eastwood, he’s white bread in human form — lacking charisma, personality, and screen presence. The rage, then is about Hollywood giving him screens to occupy anyway, effectively forcing him on us.

One redditor sums it up thusly: “In a world full of hunky male leads, some of whom rise above, Jai Courtney is painfully average. He isn’t bad, but he is easily replaceable with a dozen other actors. Assuming “everyone” hates Jai Courtney, I would say it isn’t because he’s awful, but because he’s just filler. It’s easy to look at a movie and say, “Man, Tom Hardy would have been much better than Jai Courtney here.”

While that might be true of his underwhelming track record so far — his resumé boasts that diluted Hunger Games knockoff Divergent and that diluted Terminator film nobody asked for — but unlike Scott Eastwood, Jai Courtney is not hopeless. He just hasn’t landed the right role yet.

We know this because, from the looks of Suicide Squad, the nutty Captain Boomerang will be his ticket. If anyone in the Suicide Squad trailer is “painfully average,” it’s The Joker or even Deadshot, both of whom look like typical action-movie performances or otherwise aren’t unhinged enough. Captain Boomerang is the unexpected scene-stealer. While stealing two minutes hardly represents an entire two hour film, it’s an auspicious sign: that Courtney’s whitebread days are about to end.

His every scene in the trailer crackles with a — dare we say— borderline Hardy mania. He’s trapped in a box while shouting, emerges dramatically from a body-bag at one point, and ends it all by drinking on the job, crazy-eyes and all.

Below: not boring, as he bellows, “let me out of here, doll, please!”

"Let me out of here!"

Youtube/ Warner Bros

Not painfully average, in fact; emerging from a body bag is fairly batshit as far as entrances go.

Not bland, facing on an entire team of armed men:

Solid crazy-eyes, which boring people can’t achieve:

And we’re not sure what’s happening here, but his crazy eyes have seeped into his entire posture, which is a good sign.

Everyone hates Jai Courtney, but Captain Boomerang may change our minds. In a film full of villains like The Joker and Harley Quinn, and big stars like Jared Leto and Will Smith, it’s Captain Boomerang who will bring down the house.

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