Will the Jared Leto's Joker Wear a Merkin in Suicide Squad?

Jared Leto's comment at the Oscars wasn't just a funny aside. It was a hint.

Everyone is talking about the Oscars for Chris Rock’s killer monologue and The Revenant’s pleasantly surprising failure to win Best Picture, but there’s one piece of groundbreaking news that’s not being discussed nearly enough: Jared Leto’s revelation that there will be merkins in Suicide Squad.

If you don’t know what a merkin is — and Leto doesn’t think you do, as he implored audience to “Google it” — it’s a pubic wig, a.k.a. that thing that makes all the full-frontal nudity in Game of Thrones slightly less nude than it seems.

Just in case you’re still having trouble picturing it, Leto helpfully provided a photo on his Twitter. Warning: Probably NSFW.

The internet is treating it as a funny reference, but they’re missing the clue: Leto just essentially dropped the bomb that, in addition to his “damaged” tattoos and Lil Wayne style grille, the Joker will be rocking a merkin in Suicide Squad. How else would that explain his intimate knowledge of it? At the very least, perhaps Deadshot will.

Other superhero flicks might be scrambling to R-themselves up in the wake of Deadpool, but the PG-13 rated Suicide Squad might have an edge: It doesn’t get much more NSFW than merkins.

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