Vladimir Putin Unveils Russia's Own Batmobile, "The Punisher"

"The Punisher" is an armored assault nightmare.


When you think about it, Vladimir Putin really is the world leader with the most in common with Bruce Wayne. A traumatizing family history, trained by a shadowy organization dedicated to a questionable idea of peacekeeping, vast wealth, judo championships. Well, now he’s got his very own Tumbler.

Rumors about Putin’s new ride, “The Punisher,” have been floating around for years but until a few days ago no one had ever seen it in person. The Russian media reports that the V-shaped, Class 6a armor clad body is designed to handle blast waves from explosions and projectiles.

For returning fire, it has an opening in the side and rear doors and a revolving hatch gunner on the roof. The vehicle seats 10, including two paratroopers whose seats are set back-to-back for a panoramic view. “The Punisher” is being sold as an answer to the American military’s Humvee, a vehicle with diminished status in modern warfare, at least until we can make them fully autonomous resupply vehicles.

The vehicle has also been called Russia’s answer to the Batmobile for its not-too-subtle resemblance to the Christopher Nolan series urban assault vehicle. Perhaps Putin, a man accustomed to controlling his country’s media is only calling it “The Punisher” because he knows Daredevil is going to make that character super hot next month when Season 2 launches soon.

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