Slime-Filled Twinkies Are the Best New 'Ghostbusters' Tie-In

You can wash them down with some Ecto Cooler.


Remember when Twinkies were discontinued and everyone freaked out for a second? Dogs and cats living together: mass hysteria. America is a great place. But since then, the Hostess cream-filled snack with an infinite shelf-life has made a comeback, on the shelves and on the diabetes causality charts. And now it looks like there’s a brand new Twinkie tie-in to the new Ghostbusters reboot that we can eat and wash down with the newly confirmed Ecto Cooler.

Nerdist posted a tweet from ENM Sales & Services — a marketing company that helps new media stay on brand and all that kind of thing — of a new, green slime-filled Twinkie treat they’re calling “Key Lime Slime.” It’s a definite missed opportunity to call them “Key Slime Pie,” but we’ll let it slide. They look semi-disgusting, but we want to eat all of them immediately.

ENM seems legit, and the box in the photo has the same “Ghostbusters, Only in Theaters” label as the Ecto Cooler, so these new Twinkies are probably the real deal. Another gripe with the new Twinkies that’s the same with the new Ecto Cooler: no Slimer.

Take a look for yourself:

This is kind of perfect. Hostess probably saw all the buzz that Oreos were getting by releasing bizarre flavors like cinnamon bun and red velvet and their very own key lime cookies and thought, “Hmm, how can we get weird but also stay hip with the kids?”

Some lowly and dejected Hostess employee sitting alone in his apartment with boxes of Twinkies probably threw on an old Ghostbusters DVD one night and watched the iconic pastry scene between Ernie Hudson, Dan Aykroyd, and Harold Ramis. He remembered a new flick was in the works and the rest is green cream-filled history.

Unfortunately, these Twinkies aren’t 35 feet long and don’t weigh 600 pounds. That’s a big Twinkie, but these ones are just regular-sized.

Bring a few boxes of Key Lime Slime Twinkies to the theater with you when director Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters drops on July 15.

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