SpaceX's New Rocket Boosters: Another Sign of Incredible Growth

Elon Musk’s spaceflight company is stepping up its manufacturing game to meet future launch demands.


Over the weekend, SpaceX posted a new photo on Instagram showing off five brand new Falcon 9 rocket boosters. The post comes hot off the heels of the company’s recent announcement that it is officially leaving the testing phase and initiating mass production of its technology.

In other words, the company is making a radical shift from experimenting and hitting proof-of-concept milestones toward operating as a legitimate commercial spaceflight company.

And for good reason: SpaceX’s successful vertical landing of the Falcon 9 back in December, and its recent new ISS resupply contract with NASA are encouraging affirmations of the company’s growth and success.

The company has a slew of upcoming launches in the next few years, and while it’s made progress toward making reusable rockets the new normal, SpaceX has also experienced a litany of setbacks, the most recent of which is the failure to land its Falcon 9 on a drone ship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. There’s no question several of these boosters will not be making it back to Earth in one piece.

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