This New John Travolta Movie 'I Am Wrath' Is Basically a 'John Wick' Reboot

Travolta's new vengeance flick looks pretty familiar.

Now that we’re living in the Travoltaissance — thanks to a head-turning role in Ryan Murphy’s American Crime Story — we all knew there was more Travolta likely on the way. Now, we’ve gotten the first glimpse of Travolta’s new film, the revenge thriller I Am Wrath, directed by Chuck Russell (The Blob, Eraser). It’s no Broken Arrow, but there’s reason to believe this thing might be watchable.

Going off the clip, this definitely reminds us of something. But instead of the rage-inducing beaglecide of JW, Travolta is doling out revenge for the murder of his wife. There’s a few glimpses at stylized action scenes, a number of shots of Travolta looking severe, and plenty of other details that establish I Am Wrath as a hopeful spiritual heir to the John Wick mantle.

It’s all a little-on-the nose — are B-Movies still a thing? — but there are reasons to get excited about the new Travolta action vehicle. I mean, “Columbus locations make final cut of I Am Wrath”?! Say no more. It’s out later this year.

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