Watch This Video Mashup of the Best of Donald Trump and 'Game of Thrones'

Someone took Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and placed him perfectly in 'Game of Thrones' scenes. 

Insiders ABC

Political newbie, big time businessman, and media darling Donald Trump is the leading Republican candidate for the office of commander-in-chief after winning the South Carolina primary this week. Thankfully, there’s an Aussie with exceptional video editing skills who created “Winter Is Trumping,” a mashup of Trump’s fascinating speeches with Game of Thrones scenes.

Try to picture it. You can’t. You have to see this brilliant act of digital weaving yourself.

In one scene, Trump says, “The people who are with me are the people.” And Tyrion Lannister responds with an apt, “What?”

Soon after, Daenerys Targaryen, with an army of sad looking folks behind her, attempts to get past gates that Trump is guarding. She says passionately, “If you do not let us in, all of us will die!” Trump responds, “I said temporarily, I didn’t say permanently.”

YouTuber “Huw Parkinson,” from Melbourne has crafted similar type videos in the past like mixing up Pirates of the Caribbean with gems from Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce called “The Canine Calamity.” The creator’s Twitter account notes that they work on “Creating witchcraftery for @InsidersABC by mixing together politics, films, 4 ounces of newt, a dash of spider maths, a Thermomix and 3 bags of kitten fear.” Insiders ABC is a Sunday night show on ABC Australia broadcasting company.

Now, enjoy “Winter Is Trumping.”

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